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Thank you for visiting Dil’s Driving School LLC.  We are currently updating our website. In the meantime, please see below for information about our services.


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We are always happy to help in any way we can, so don’t hesitate to reach out!


Thank you for your patience!

Heinz Neumaier

Dil’s Driving School is a premier NJ driving school started by Heinz Neumaier in 2009.  We serve Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterdon Counties and teach new drivers of all ages and capabilities how to drive - from teens to seniors.



  • Guidance in navigating the licensing process

  • 6-hour mandatory driver training for 16-year-olds

  • Road Test Services for current and new students

  • Written Testing for 16-year-old students 

  • Vision Testing for 16-year-old students

  • Refresher & initial instruction for students 17+ years old

  • We offer modern dual controlled vehicles, 4-door hybrid Toyota Camry sedans, that are in a good and safe condition


We Offer Flexible, Full Service Driving Training 7 Days a Week, Including Evenings

  • Pick up and drop off from your home, school or workplace

  • One-on-one training (parents or guardians are always welcome to accompany young students)

  • Vehicle equipment & safety information review

  • Vehicle maneuvering techniques

  • Exposure to various road types including traffic circles, one-way streets, parking and k-turns

  • Shopping and mall parking lot safety

  • Highway driving

  • Defensive driver training with awareness of current road conditions

  • Students will not be moved to the next level until we feel they are ready

We Provide Licensed Instructors Who Are Friendly and Patient and Whose Aim is to Thoroughly

Prepare Our Students to be Safe on the Road


6 Hour Mandatory Driver Training for 16-Year-Old Students:

  • Obtaining permits for 16-year-olds (17+ year old students must obtain a permit at a NJ MVC Licensing Center)

  • Vision Testing

  • 6 hours of driving instruction broken into three 2-hour sessions

  • The same licensed instructor throughout the 6 hours

  • Permit validation

  • Set up of Road Test appointment


Road Test Service:

  • Pick up from home, business or school before test

  • Pre-test preparation in a Dil's Driving School vehicle

  • Take Road Test at an NJ Motor Vehicle Commission in a Dil’s Driving School vehicle


NJ MVC Written Test Administration & Assistance:

  • Administration of the NJ MVC 50 question written test for 16-year-old students

  • Call to schedule a time to take the test at our office

  • Passing grade is 80% or higher


Vision Screening:

  • Administration of the vision screening exam, for 16 year-old students, that is required for the NJ Student Learners Permit


Refresher / Additional Lessons

  • For new and current students of all ages

  • Lessons between 1 and 10 hours can be provided depending on the requirements of the student



Step 1: Vehicle functions & safety equipment – e.g. signals, mirrors, etc.

Step 2: Basic steering techniques

Step 3: Learning to steer in a closed area (not on the road)

Step 4: Driving and maneuvering on local (county) roads

Step 5: Driving from the suburbs into a busier town setting

Step 6: Vehicle maneuvers and parking (e.g. k-turns, parallel parking) and traffic circles

Step 7: Driving on two lane roads & highway (e.g. merging, overtaking, spacing & existing highways)





We can provide you with our contract, pricing sheet and a NJ MVC Learner’s Permit Application (if applicable) to get the process started.  Once you have everything compiled, reach out to let us know you’re ready to come in and drop off your documents and we’ll let you know when we will be here for you.


Required Documents for 16 Year-Old Learner’s Permit & 6 Hours of Mandatory Training

  • Original birth certificate or passport

  • A copy of the student's Social Security Card (we can make a copy for you)

  • Knowledge Card from the student's school certifying that the student has taken and passed the written Knowledge Test

  • NJ MVC Learner’s Permit Application filled out (this is part of the packet we will mail you)

  • Permit fee of $10.00 paid to “NJ MVC” (checks only)

  • Payment for the 6 hours of Instruction (cash, check or credit)


For Student Drivers 17-Years and Older

  • You must obtain, or already have, an NJ MVC driver’s permit. 

  • Please review the NJ MVC’s website on how to obtain a permit here: 

  • When visiting an NJ MVC Licensing Center to obtain a permit or license, please make sure to bring your 6 Points of ID.  You can find information on the 6 Points in the site listed above.

  • Note: The Flemington MVC will issue permits, however they will not administer the eye test required to validate a permit.

  • Please check the NJ MVC's website homepage for Licensing Center closures before visiting a center.

  • Call, text or email us and we can set up lessons based on your preference.






Dil’s Driving School, LLC.

150 West End Ave

Upper Level 2

Somerville, NJ 08876

(please use side entrance)


Office Hours:

Monday through Friday. 1:00pm – 6:00pm

*These hours are subject to change, please call to confirm before stopping by the office.  Thank you!



Office: 908-526-5003

Text Us At: 908-801-1010 (responses typically written during office hours)




Please reach out to us for pricing information. 

Thank you for your interest in Dil’s Driving School, LLC!

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